Saturday, 9 January 2010

Wonderful Winter White Giveaway

OK, so there is snow everywhere and I have a lot of snow photos of my girls in the white stuff as well as photos of the house and our village looking very picturesque. Trouble is I am going to need a lot of help thinking up snow photo titles.

Leave a comment with a layout title suitable for snowy \ wintery pages (doesn't have to be specific to my photos just a general winter or snow type title) and we will pick our favourite to win a white giveaway (a little box of white or wintery coloured stash)

For example in the comment box you type "Winter Wonderland" (except you won't actually type that because that is my suggestion!) and leave your name. You will need to check back for the winner next week - we will announce the winner on Wednesday.

Just a little bit of fun for a snowy cold evening!


  1. 'Snow fun without Snow!

    Cath x

  2. It's snow joke
    Snow more (for pics of cold, wet children)
    Suffolk in the snow
    In the deep freeze
    In the bleak midwinter
    All snowed out
    Snow much fun
    Snow cold

    Okay, that's enough deeply cheesy picture captions. Ed.

  3. For the photo of the house what about 'Snowhere to go!' Beki Norman xx

  4. For the children; 'Do we have to make snow angels in our new coats, mummy?'

    For the house; Peace in the White House

    From Sharon, Yeovil

  5. Cheesy as it may be 'Snow Place Like Home'

    I think the girls are off for Elf camp

    Tracey xx

  6. Deep and Crisp and Even

    (and no, I'm not referring to the current joke about King Wenceslas's favourite pizza: Deep Pan, crisp and even!)

    Eileen C

  7. Santa's Little Helpers Brave the Cold!

    Alison Briant

  8. Snapshot of Winter.

    A Winter's Tale.

    Winter Wonderland

    Good luck choosing a winner.

  9. Alison Briant

    Santa's Little Helpers Brave the Cold!

  10. Santa's little helpers take time off - to play

    from Beadee

  11. Frosty Fun
    Under a Blanket of White
    Life in the Freezer

    Lynn :)

  12. There's no Christmas like snow Christmas...

    Snow Angels (for the girls)

    Winter Wonderland

    for the house...Cold on the outside, warm and wonderful on the inside...

    Snow...the icing on the cake!

    White in Winter

    (this is iana, but i can't get it to take my name :( )

    iana xx

  13. baby,its cold outside
    cold play
    I'm dreaming of....snow
    snow adorable
    snow one like you
    snow way
    snowflakes are kisses from heaven
    baby its cold outside
    in the lane,snow is glistening.
    snowman recipe
    bundle up
    I love you snow much
    let it snow-man

  14. what about "Snowlicious!"

    (bonjen3 on UKS)

  15. Theres no business like SNOW business....

  16. Let it snow.
    Oh snow!
    It's all white!

  17. Lorna said
    'Suagr coated'

  18. The weather outside is freezin'

  19. Golly most of what I can think of has already gone! What about 'Brrrrrrr-iliant Fun!' for the pic of the kids and 'All in White' for the lovely house picture.

  20. S'no time like the present ...
    Walking in a winter wonderland
    Snowed under!
    S'no sorry!
    Snow Story
    S'now you wanna kiss/walk/sleep (add own word)

  21. Berry cute!

    Snow berries....

    Snow elf's

  22. Snow Babes

    So THIS is snow! - for the girls pics (and they look soooo cute)

    The White House - for the house pic


  23. How about :-

    There's Snow titles left????

  24. For the house:
    Winter Wonderland
    It's A White World
    All White

    And the girls:
    A little splash of colour
    All wrapped up
    You warm my heart
    All things bright and beautiful

  25. For the house -
    Snug and Warm
    Tis the season to be freezin'

    For the girls -
    What are we going to do with all this snow?
    Joy's of the season
    Flurries an' fun