Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Product Spotlight: 7 Gypsies Metal Edges

Todays product spotlight is on THESE 7 Gypsies Metal Page Edges. They come in a variety of colours and designs - for my mini book I used the straight black ones but some of the coloured fancy edge ones would also look gorgeous depending on your project subject and style.

My mini book really is mini and is only 4" square so it was really handy that the Metal Page Edge strips can be easily cut with a standard pair of scissors. Each one is 8" long so I only used one strip as I wanted the metal edges only on the front and back cover as I had pull out tags on the inner pages.

The Metal Page Edges add an extra sturdiness to the book covers which as anyone who makes mini books will know can come in for a lot of wear and tear. Of course you could add them to every page which would also increase the durability of the book.

Blog readers can enjoy working with these products knowing they got a good value deal as well as you can get 40% off the Metal Page Edges by entering the following code in the discount \ promotional code box: Blog-0110-EDGE
Just by way of an explanation - Ned was Elizabeths (my cousin and long serving shop tab keeper at the retreats) first car and sadly he went to the great scrap heap in the sky a while back! Before taking him to the afore mentioned scrap yard we had a laugh doing a mini photo shoot. The front and back covers are made with a close up photo of Neds seat covers!