Monday, 25 January 2010

Which Is Your Favourite?

The Basic Grey new releases are on their site, four new lines, two to be releases in February and two for April. In addition they are rereleasing some of their classic collections; Sublime, Black Tie, Phresh & Phunky, Vagabond & Fusion return to the shelves as part of their "Vintage" collection. There is also a Basics line from BG - remarkably similar, if a little more grunged up, to the Scenic Route Background papers which are of course no more since Scenic Route closed their doors
The four main new collections are below, post in our poll to the right to let us know which is YOUR favourite of them




A quick google finally found a few October Afternoon photos which people had taken at the show. From what I have seen it looks good. I have seen several lines (including one from October Afternoon) with kites on - looks like one of the next "favourite embellishment" although there are still plenty of birds (free and in ornate cages) and trees to be had!

As before, any exciting finds you come across on the net from the CHA show do post a link and let us know what you stumbled upon!



  1. Hard decision, think Green At Heart is my favourite but Kioshi is a close second.

    Love the look of the new Dear Lizzie range, gorgeous photos over on

  2. I have voted, though it was difficult as they are all so lovely, as usual. Can you tell I am a BG fan!

  3. I vote Max and Whiskers because the non-themed patterns will be great for boys! Though I may, of course, also be tempted to scrap pics of the pets too!

  4. Max and Whiskers for me. Definately my type of colours and I like that it's suitable for all types of layouts, not just ones about pets.

    I saw the October Afternoon pictures too and love Fly the Kite, I do hope you get some in.

  5. Max and Whiskers and Cappella for me.

  6. green at heart here too.. that purple is delish!

  7. Cappella! Love those muted colours.