Thursday, 27 April 2017

Scrapping the Big Picture

I thought I would pop a post up about my current obsession of scrapping oversized photos!

So often we get stuck in the rut of the 6x4 world and maybe change things up a bit by croppping them down to 3x4s or 4x4s so it makes a nice change to go BIG!

A couple of retreats ago I did a class featuring oversized photos and it proved quite popular.

When I got back from our 2016 Florida trip I was a bit overwhelmed with all the photos - in a three and a half week trip there are a lot of photos to scrap and stories to tell. I gave myself a bit of time to think about how to approach it and decided on a system!

I chose one good photo from each of the key destinations (the Disney Parks, Space Center, Seaworld etc...) and had it printed in a large size. All my photos have a 3:2 aspect ratio apart from mobile phone photos and I ignored those for this as the quality needs to be decent to print large. This meant I could print them easily at 12x8" size without any cropping.

For variety I used a 12x5" panoramic format (although in a portrait orientation) for some and some of my cruise photos were 12x10"

Once my photos arrived I could easily scrap one large photo from each place as a main page for that location. With oversized photos the focus in terms of scrapping becomes about adding just a few key embellishments and a title, there really isnt much space beyond that so the extra bonus is that the layout is quicker to assemble!

This one was inspired by a layout by Melissa Mann who used the angled mini photos along the bottom of a large photo in her "This Beach" layout

 I then used my smaller 6x4s to scrap the stories I wanted to tell - More about "story telling" coming soon!