Sunday, 2 April 2017

Ready for summer

Now we have seen the first day of good weather (or as we like to call it in Scotland - summer) it's not hard to get excited about the next few months. Whether you are planning on jetting off to hotter climates or you are going to make the most of our local beaches, BBQ's in the garden or festivals there is plenty to look forward to.

Last summer my boss threw a Glastonbury event in his garden, a massive marquee, big screen to show the event and a gin bar - perfect!! The weather was also a good reflection of Glastonbury as it was mostly sunny with a little bit of rain.  We spent the afternoon (and evening) dancing away and the bright colours of the Bo bunny 'make a splash' range made me think back to the selphies we were taking that night.

 I started by cutting a 4"x10" trip of the blue side of 'floating' and cut an uneven banner-style section out of the end. I then cut a 4"x6" piece of the 'summertime' range and distressed the edge.

I then trimmed down the 'penguin & bucket', 'sandcastle', 'jam jar' and 'Aloha summer' from the 'vacation' paper and cut a 6"x4" piece from the remaining off cuts. ( i set aside the penguin and sandcastle elements for the next layout)

I layered the photo on the yellow side of vacation and then layered up on the blue floating and bottle cap lid side of summertime.

I then tucked the jam jar element under the photo and stuck down. 

Using the stripy side of summertime I cut into strips and stuck round a piece of string to create a banner.

Finally I finished it off with some gold thickers. 

With 'Aloha Summer' as soon as I saw the elements with the cute wee penguins buiding sandcastles, I thought of my friends little girls on the beach.  

I wanted to have that summer beach/ feel so I created the background paper around the photo while still showing the kraft cardstock.

First of all I mounted the photo onto the stripy side of a piece of 'summertime'.  

I then cut  2"x12" and 4"x12" strips of the blue side of 'ocean'.  I wanted the blue to fit around the photo so I cut a 2 1/2" x 6" section out of the 4"x12" strip.  I mounted this to the LHS of a sheet of kraft cardstock and the 2x12 strip to the RHS.  The photo and mount then fir comfortably in the gap.  I then cut a strip of vacation to fill in the gap between the 2 sides on the bottom and use 6x6 sun element from Ocean trimmed to fit into the gap at the top.

I also trimmed the pink scalloped section from ocean to frame the photo.

I then cut the penguin and bucket from his element and mounted it in front of the sandcastle (covering the wording) and mounted it in the bottom RHS at an angle

At the top in the space in the middle of the sun bordered section I stuck the 'aloha summer' element as a title and using scraps hand cut some clouds. 

Finally I trimmed a rubber ring from the 'floating paper and popped it in the bottom corner and added washi tape to 2 of the edges of the photograph to give it that old fashioned holiday scrapbook feel similar to the 2 elements on the page.