Sunday, 14 February 2016

Hearts with Simple Stories

Ok...not your quite so usual Valentines page, but I got sent a mix of Simple Stories Summer papers to play with so it spurred me on to finish my holiday pages.  I've seen lots of heart designs on papers and pages, so wanted to have a go.  I created a heart template by folding some paper in half and creating a heart shape (use 12" or A3 - I hacked mine a bit with A4 so I had to free hand draw the bottom bit of my heart).  I then used the template and drew the heart on the back of my cardstock and went about punching holes around the edge with a pin.  I find if you use a ruler and then move it down about a cm at a time you can nice evenly spaced and level holes for your thread.  After that I used my thread and just randomly created the pattern across the page.  

After all the sewing I then layered up some Summer Vibe papers and bits and pieces that went with the ice-cream theme, mounting quite a few of them on foam dots.

Wishing you all a lovely Valentines day.