Monday, 3 August 2015

Cybercrop Timetable

Are you all excited about our FREE day, sorry I mean THREE day (and FREE!) Cybercrop weekend of August 14th-16th with your ATDML design team?? We will be taking our inspiration from Disney Films as you know and our timetable for the weekend will run as follows with no less than 13 FREE classes and 6 spectacular fun challenges (with a prize or two up for grabs!!)

Friday 14th August 
6pm Welcome and Challenge 1
7pm Class 1 - Lion King (Ann) 
9pm Class 2 - Sleeping Beauty (Karen) 
10pm Challenge 2

Saturday 15th August 
8am Challenge 3 
9am Class 3 - Frozen (Mel) 
11am Class 4 - Jungle Book (Ann) 
1pm Class 5 - Tinkerbell (Debbie) 
3pm Class 6 -Peter Pan (Katherine) 
5pm Challenge 4 
6pm Class 7 - Little Mermaid (Karen) 
8pm Class 8 - Pirates of the Caribbean (Debbie) 
10pm Class 9 - 101 Dalmations (Ann) 

Sunday 16th August 
8am Challenge 5 
9am Class 10 - Lilo & Stitch (Mel) 
11am Class 11 - Alice in Wonderland (Karen) 
Noon Challenge 6
2pm Class 12 - Finding Nemo (Katherine) 
4pm Class 13 - Tangled (Mel)

Details on how to compile kits from your own papers (if you were not able to secure one of our class kits) will be provided ahead of the weekend along with photograph requirements for each of the classes so you can be as prepared as possible, ready for a fun, productive and hopefully inspiring weekend of scrapbooking.  Any questions - do ask!!