Saturday, 15 August 2015

Class 8 Pirates of the Caribbean with Debs

Are you ready to set sail on your next Disney scrapping adventure?  Then hop aboard the Black Pearl, fill up your glasses and "Drink up me hearties, yoho!" (Jack Sparrow) as we head for a Pirate inspired theme in this class. Pirates are nothing if not loud and bold and so we are going to take our patterned papers and create layouts with bold designs to represent this theme.
Pirates of the Caribbean Mediterranean 
NB: in this class it is vitally important that you talk like one of these pillaging sailors, say "Arrrr" and "matey" a lot, replacing yer words "you" with "ye," "my" with "me," and "your" with "yer." And of course, don't forget ye make sure ye slur all yer words together. (Using a slew of creative threats will make it even better.)

It's a very good night I be wishing ye, fair winds and following seas.

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