Saturday, 1 August 2015

August Photography Prompts & summer tips!

Time to set another month of photography prompts for our lovely blog follows. Hopefully the weather is going to be kind to us this month as many of us enjoy time away from work, school and the usual routine. Whist looking for prompts for this month I stumbled across a few websites offering tips for taking good photos during summer months.  One of my favourite was to give your camera (or smartphone or cheaper camera) to your kids and set them a project to capture the day. They often have such different perspectives you'll be amazed what they get. Those without young children lets explore some different angles when snapping away this month.  Another good tip was about the use of your flash outdoors on a sunny day.   When you photograph someone with the sun behind them you would normally end up with a silhouette, but by using "fill flash" you can light up their face. Flash can also neutralise the glare from water or a sandy beach so if you're lucky enough to be out exploring such areas and the sun is out try and see what affect this has on your images.

As always we start the month with a selfie on the 1st (as we hid behind the camera too often!) and then we have the following
  • Sights of Summer
  • Somewhere new
  • What I am reading
  • A different perspective (see above!)
Have fun and do share your fabulous photos with us!