Sunday, 14 December 2014

NYNY - October & November

Well, I can't believe that we are almost finished with this project.  Only December to go and that will be the little book finished.

In October I decided to go solo on the train to Shropshire.  Until I got a car when Gracia was three months old, I used to train to Mum & Dad's with her and wasn't at all phased as I was used to commuting to London on the train before and during my pregnancy.   I have to confess that it is 21 years since I last got the train to Mum's and nearly 30 years since I visited her without either David or Gracia.  So a daunting prospect but it all went smoothly and I am feeling confident enough to have planned a train trip to Newcastle in the new year!

Since starting my new job in September I have learnt so many new things from installing  computers to operating the sound and lighting systems for shows/plays and concerts at the school.  But my most favourite thing so far is learning how to use the recording studio - the school has a professional level one and it is such a fantastic resource.  I love setting up the mikes etc for the students and then recording their pieces.  I especially love the look on their faces when I play back the stunning pieces they have played because most of them genuinely don't realise how good they are.  My next challenge (on Wednesday) is to record the Christmas Concert and then make CD's to sell - yet another skill I have to learn and I am loving it.

I will be back in January with my December page - see you then.