Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Trends on Tuesday - The Polaroid

With the love of all things retro polaroids are a really popular shape (though I don't like to think of them as too retro, 'cos I remember the coolness of the original polaroid camera!!).  They are a really easy shape to cut out and make yourself with a craft knife and guillotine.  Once I had made one of my polaroids I then used it as a template for the other 2 using a pencil to draw through the shape for the central square.

For  this page I hung my polaroids on a washing line, and then added lots of different details around the pictures - if you are wondering about the snowflakes that is the theme for Blizzard Bleach in Florida so you get to climb over icebergs and go down toboggan water runs!  

Alongside making your own polaroid shapes there are some other lovely polaroid shaped goodies in store too

Also Ann taught a lovely polaroid style class on the retreat too - here is my take on her class...

and you can check out her post here