Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Scrapping the Everyday

There are times when I don't want to scrap pictures of my family but want to record everyday moments or 'life as it is now'.  I have been known to scrap photos of mugs because I really like them, handbags because they have a special significance and even my new spectacles.

For me scrapbooking is all about recording life 'warts and all' and I am very fond of scrapping the everyday.

In this layout I ponder over the dilemma I have at the moment.  I love my patent leather DM boots.  Love that they were bought for me at a time I was feeling swamped by motherhood and love how them made me feel that my husband saw me as a funky young thing - even if I didn't.

My dilemma is that I don't feel that I can wear them at the moment because they have now come back in fashion and I see so many teenagers in them that I would feel foolish wearing them.  So do I keep them until they go out of fashion again or do I throw in the towel and admit I may be too old for them.  I think it will probably be the former rather than the latter as I am not ready to act my age yet!

For this page I have used the delicious Fancy Pants Trendsetter range.


  1. You will never be too old for them! I love the way you make layouts out of unusual items as well as the usual photographs.

  2. I don't think I've ever scrapped those everyday moments, but your layout has inspired me to try. Hang on to your DMs :)

  3. Everyone should have DMs! Love the layout!

  4. If the DMs make you happy, you should wear them! I like your layout - and the story behind it.

  5. If you feel great in them then wear them - the youngsters will soon tire of them. Great subject to document.

  6. Wear them, before they are too old to be worn. I bet they make you feel happy when you do.