Sunday, 12 May 2013

Cards on Sunday - Metal Relief Work

Last week I shared a card using the Metal Embossing technique I learned in Janes class at the Spring Retreat. Todays card uses the same technique for the background but also features a panel with metal relief work.

For information about how to create the background refer to the Cards on Sunday post from last Sunday (5th May) Put your background to one side. To make your detail panel take a piece of cipboard cut to the size you require. Next add chipboard shapes to the panel. Adhere them with tape or herma. Use your old chipboard shapes, letters or numbers for this technique - it is a great way of using up mismatched items.

Once your design is complete start sticking small pieces of the aluminium tape over your design completely covering the panel and the chipboard pieces on it. Use a paper stump to push down the tape into the spaces around the chipboard pieces you added to the panel. When the panel is completely covered with tape and you have pushed that tape down nicely you will see the shape of your chipboard letters \ numbers \ shapes but they will be all silver and shiney.

Now adhere your panel to the background and apply the black acrylic paint all over before wiping it away with kitchen roll and or baby wipes.

When you are happy with the effect adhere the whole thing to a card blank and voila - a metal embossed, metal relief card.

The one above was for my cousin Elizabeths boyfriend Jez - he liked the industrial grungy look and I think this technique will be one I come back to time and again for more masculine cards as it is often really difficult to come up with cards suitable for men.


  1. Hi Mel - I'm not sure whether you will remember me - its Stikks from the Gogs - we used to be on UKS many eons ago! I've just been lurking on UKS and noticed the link to your blog on the home page. I LOVE this effect! Could you tell me where to find the aluminium tape please? I think the effect is amazing! Hope you're well xx

  2. Hi Kim! Long time no "see" and I do indeed remember the days of the Gogs on UKS circa 2004 \ 2005! The aluminium tape we used can be found here: You get MASSES on the roll, so it will do several large projects and lots of cards. Take Care, Mel x

  3. Looks fab Mel - my star pupil!!

  4. That looks so cool! I wonder if I might be able to produce something along the same lines with embossing powder and acrylic (having spent this month's scrappy budget already)