Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Trends on Tuesday - White Space

I have been told that I generally leave a fair amount of white space on my pages, which I hadn't really noticed before, maybe I had subconciously picked up the style from my internet browsing!

This page has 2 photos rather than my normal 1, mainly as I had to include both my children on their stone collecting in beaches - top tip is to take photos so you don't have to bring piles of stones home with you.  To focus the eye I put all my detail around the photo, and pile layers behind it and on this one I used texture with some burlap and stapled ribbon.  I tried to make my second photo look like it had been torn out a notebook and stuck on with the paper clip and some tissue tape.

Some top tips on using white space

  • If you are worried about leaving huge amounts of background bare rather than using a plain sheet of card stock for your photos try a patterned sheet of paper.
  • Flicks of shimmer mist or paint help to fill up some of the white space and draw the eye into the photo.  You could also use confetti - see my previous post.
  • Pile lots of interest around your photo which again draws your eye to photo.

In case you are wondering the papers I used for this page are October Afternoons 9 to 5 collection