Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Olympic Scrapping ?!

So Britain has been gripped by Olympic fever and I know that I will definitely be scrapping a few Olympic layouts. We currently have this set of 5 coasterboard rings (available in 4 sizes) which might come in handy when scrapping the olympics!

I have been lucky enough to make two visits to the Olympics before our holiday. We would have liked to have seen more but I know that many people missed out entirely so we made the most of what we could get!

On Sunday I went with Elizabeth, we did some shopping on Oxford Street:

Before our eveninng session at the Volleyball at Earls Court. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in spite of the fact that we went in not entirely sure of the rules. Some we picked up and others remain a mystery! I am sure I will have a layout about the mysteries of volleyball at some point!

 On Wednesday Darren, Izzy and I headed back to London. This time we had Olympic Park tickets for the day time followed by Wembley Football tickets for the early evening. We decided ages ago that Olivia wouldn't last the whole day out and then sit through a football match so I was a bit sad she missed out on the Olympic experience even though I know she would have found it a struggle.

One thing that was really lovely was that there were so many of the volunteer "Games Makers" that there was always someone to take a photo of all of us - something we often don't have after a day out!

I had a disaster with the main lens I use on my DSLR and there was no way I could get it repaired in time for my holiday. I ended up with the choice of spending approx £100 renting the replacement lens for our trip or put that money towards the digital compact I have been wanting to buy for those "need a smaller camera" moments. I ended up buying a Sony Cyber Shot HX20V which is nice and compact and lightweight when you are walking around. It also has a massive optical zoom which I used a lot and a really fun Panorama feature which got used a lot!

Here we are in Wembley, enjoying the thrills or South Korea vs Gabon - it was a 0-0 result and Izzys best thing... The Mexican Waves!

I took loads of pictures over the two days and I am sure I will end up with several Olympic layouts to go in my albums!