Saturday, 3 September 2011

Drowning In A Sea Of Paper!

Something about the beginning of September and a new school year made me decide to sort out my paper!

I have a lot of paper. too much. There is a pile i moved to a holding area a while ago to see if i needed it or if i could donate it. Well I wasn't brave enough to say I haven't used it so it can go but i did sort through it and ruthlessly culled it!

It has gone in to two piles, one for a craft group at my friends church and one for my collage box for the children at school. In fact there was a third pile also for papers which were predominantly one colour in either red blue green or yellow. I started using that pile tonight making a giant blue and yellow hot air balloon! Tomorrows plan is to make another but in red and green - they are for our "Key Person" display at school. It was kind of liberating hacking into whole fresh sheets of 12x12 to make patchwork hot air balloons and hopefully they will look pretty good flying in the entry way at nursery! (will try to get photos before I add the childrens photos to them.)

So what have you been up to? Any sorting or clearing? Big projects? Or does the beginning of September mean nothing more than the end of summer?!