Monday, 5 September 2011


Well I am not organised to get a photo in good light so on a dark evening under the spotlights in my kitchen will have to do!

The balloons are for a "Key Person" display, one of us is the "Key Person" for Red and Green groups (Me) and my Nursery Nurse is "Key Person" for Blue and Yellow groups - hence the colour schemes!

I am sure I will put something more meaningful in my Learn Something New Everyday journal but one thing that I learned this morning is that if you have stuck paper patches to a piece of card with double sided tape and then coat the whole lot with diluted PVA in an attempt to make it more durable you are actually creating a whole lot of work because the patches lifted like crazy and took me ages to restick with more tape!

No time to scrap so far this week apart from balloon patchworks but good news - I get to spend all day Saturday at a crop so I know I will get some done then!