Friday, 26 August 2011

Thirsty Thursday

Grab yourself a glass,a cup, mug or bottle of something lovely and settle down as we introduce to you "Thirsty Thursdays". Start next week on September 1st, the month in which most children return to school, we are kick-starting our weekly thirst for knowledge inspiration. Imagine going back to school and re-learning your ABC only with a crafty twist. Starting with the first letter of the alphabet next week we will continue on through each of the 26 letters bring you a weekly post with inspiration, examples and ideas and we will be challenging you to create along with us.

Sound like fun? We are certainly excited about it and I'll be back here next Thursday with your first post for you and a link tool like those used during the cybercrop for you to share your creations with us. We hope you are looking forward to quenching your thirst with us! Nothing to prepare in advance, just a whole lot of crafting fun and inspiration which you may want to spread the word about!