Saturday, 20 August 2011

Can I Be Kim With The Glasses?!

Lately I have been thinking again about journaling and trying to write down the little stories, not just the big events.

With this in mind I set to work to scrap a little game that Olivia has been playing. The journaling takes up as much space as the photo so I have space to tell the story. It was also a bit of a departure for me as I was using a picture to illustrate the story that wasn't taken at the same time, something I have resisted doing in the past.

The photo was taken back in February before she even started nursery but I was inspired by THIS VIDEO by Shimelle Laine which about 6 minutes in talks about looking at objects or photos and them triggering lots of different ideas - this photo reminded me of her saying "Can I be Kim with the glasses?" and so I used it to scrap that story.