Saturday, 25 September 2010

What is Your Favourite Layout? *Giveaway Time*

I was asked recently if I had a favourite layout from all the ones I have scrapped and i found it really hard to answer. I DO have favourites but more than one - they usually come in categories; most fun to make, most fun to look at, most elegant, ones that do a particularly good job of showcasing a photo I love (see the layout below of Olivia at 10 weeks old holding my finger - love the photo and I was really pleased with the layout and it remains *one* of my favourites)

So I am totally indecisive over what my favourite layout is, I am resisting the urge to go on with more of my sub categories of favourite layout and then post the relevant favourites... but the point is that looking back we have different reactions to the layouts we have made. We may look back and wonder what we were thinking as we stuck down the elements in our first layouts, we may remember with varying responses the "sticker sneeze" followed swiftly by the "Prima Got Flowers sneeze" and then the Elsie inspired doodle craze. But aside from scrapping fads and fashions we all have layouts that we love, most of us have some we didn't quite hit the mark on and wish we knew just what was missing and some even have layouts they dislike so much they re-do. Whatever reaction they cause it is important to remember that just by provoking a reaction, either through the memory of what is on the page or the memory of actually making it, your layout is serving one of it's purposes and keeping you linked to the memories related to it.

We would love to see your favourite layout (or if you are like me one of your favourites!) Leave a comment in the comments section with a bit about your layout and a link to it on a blog or online gallery before 8pm October 1st and we will select someone who has shared their work with us to receive a little box of goodies.

Good luck!