Monday, 27 September 2010

Gadgets & Gizmos

I was sorting through some old boxes and it struck me how many gadgets there have been crazes for in scrabooking over the last few years and also how few of them have stuck around as long term features of our craft rooms.

In no particular order...

Sizzix, Quickcutz, Cuttlebug, Big Shot, Wizard etc...
Cricut \ Cricut Expression, Craft Robo, Slice...
Dymo, Provocraft roller stamp...
Cropodile, Big Bite, Fastenator...
Bind it all, dreamkutz...

I have owned \ do own several of those from the list, some are used often, some rarely and some not at all. Some are about to get dusted off and re-introduced to my crafting area.

But for all the gizmos and gadgets available are there any that you can say truly change the way you work and the items you produce?

For me, though I rarely make them, the Bind It All made mini books much more appealing to me. My cricut stood unused for along time until i took the time to play with it and realised I actually quite liked it. My Big Shot gets used, but not as often as it should and I just bought a new dymo machine because i actually missed the old one I got rid of because it was so dated!!

What gadgets do you use and which do you regret buying \ are glad you didn't buy?


  1. I'll confess to a regret - the meltpot. I was bowled over with the thing when I went to a class and bought one plus several pots of stuff for it. I think I used it once. Now it just collects dust. Pointless pot! What I need is a really good make and take using a meltpot at the retreat to re-inspire me.

  2. lol Antonia - ask Debbie J to give you some tips - she's a whizz with hers!
    I love and I mean LOVE my bind-it-all and use it most every month. Gotta say I now couldn't live without my Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher too which I use all the time. I've bought and then promptly sold on every die-but machine I have ever owned but am now using the Cuttlebug and loving the embossing capabilities as well as diecutting.

  3. LOL - Ann I can hear you saying Tiny Attachaaa!!! I love mine too! AND I love my BIA and I love my craft robo!!

    I bought a Quickcutz on a whim from a tv craft sale ...what a waste of money - mine just doesn't cut stuff!!!
    I still love my old original sizzix - now the kids at school have it to play with.

  4. The Paper Gator:o bought for a lot of money and only used once!!! and my blue bind it all!! bought it then the following week the pink one was released.... not bothered about the colour its just the pink one does more... doesn't it? love my expression tho and my old ellison big shot is getting a new lease of life since i've gotten about 8 or 9 new dies for it!!