Saturday, 5 June 2010

Missing in Action!

I feel like I have been missing in action a little the past few days. Isabelle, my oldest daughter, turned 5 on Friday and we had two parties and a family day out in the last three days and another family visit tomorrow! Needless to say I am shattered!
I haven't been completely non crafty though. I have been making birthday related items: personalised packets of colouring pencils for party bags - VERY sinple to do and cheap to make. Unfortunately I gave them all out without photographing them but I haven't done Izzys pack yet so will photograph and upload when I do that!
Then there was the birthday card. Some people are not so keen on them but I like poppets a la Claudine Hellmuth so Izzys card featured herself and a variety of stamped bits and pieces. Lots of fun to make and she loved it :) I used the American Crafts "Warble" stamps from the Dear Lyzzy collection to make the bunting, the doodling under "Happy Birthday and the dress and some Hero Arts ones for the balloons, butterfly and greeting.

And finally of course there was the cake, actually two but the first one didn't count as it was a quick and easy choccy cake with smarties all over. The one for todays party though had been planned in my head for a while. Here is the cake, a plain sponge tray bake covered in green buttercream texturised with a fork to make grass. Tinkerbell was borrowed from a friend and the little sugar flowers were from Tesco! The Toadstools I made with a dome shaped sillicone cake mould. Once the cake domes were cooked and cooled I rolled out red icing and covered them with red icing. Small balls of white icing were flattened and adhered to the red with a little water. The stalks were made from marshmallows, covered in white chocolate and allowed to set in the fridge on baking parchment. I then used more white chocolate, covered the underside of the toadstools and stuck the stems on.

I am never terribly organised when it comes to parties but I was very pleased with myself as I made a whole load of extra toadstools which went straight into cake boxes when ready so that all the party guests could take a cake toadstool home!

I know this is a papercraft blog really but a lot of crafters like baking too so I thought I would share my cake pics :)