Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Father's Day Card Idea

Generally speaking I think the majority of card makers struggle with new ideas for cards for the men in our lives. With Fathers Day approaching this weekend I have been trying to think of different card for my husband from the kids and after browing several card shops for ideas I decided to create a faux wallet, with a credit card from each of the children.

To make this card you need one sheet of 12x12 card/patterned paper, a small piece of accetate (to cover a 3"x2" window and three pieces of cardstock each cut to the size of a credit card, a large brad, a magnetic closure and double sided tape and a pen.

First of all score your 12x12 card down the centre from top to bottom, and then score from left to right at 4" and 8". Fold along the 4" scoreline, and then fold over again at the 8" scoreline. This will create a 12" x 4" folded piece. Trim 1" from either end but do not throw away - this will be used later.

Open the wallet ensuring that the bottom long edge is closed but the top long edge is open. The mark a 3"x2" window on the inside left pocket of your wallet and mark three lines for your credit cards on the right hand pocket (mine were 2", 2.5" and 3" from the bottom and centrally aligned. Unfold the paper and using a craft knife cut along the 3 credit card lines and cut out the 3"x2" window. Attach your piece of accetate to the reverse side of your window and affix double sided sticky tape as shown. Position and adhere your photo to the bottom left section of your wallet (when looking at it opened as shown - this will show through the accetate window - be sure to stick it the correct way so that when the wallet is folded back together your photo is not upside down! Add one half of your magnet closure to the left of the photo, centrally aligned.

Next decorate the front and inside of your wallet. I added faux stitching with a black pen, a simple DAD title to the front of the wallet and a message from all inside. Each of my three children will be decorating a credit card sized piece of card to add to the slots on the right of the wallet and a photo of the three of them will be visible through the accetate pocket.

The final step is to make a strap for the wallet using the 1" strip that you cut earlier. I measured the length of mine by eye, again added faux stitching to match the wallet and affixed a brad for decoration. I made the strap double sided to hide both the back of the brad and also part of the magnetic closure. Adhere your strap to the back of your wallet, and when you are sure everything is completed seal the sides of your wallet with double sided tape. The wallet is capable of holding cash, or faux cheques with IOUs on, or even a voucher in the pocket behind the credit card and photos.

I hope you like the card and decide to have a go. It can easliy be adapted to suit those male birthdays as well. Let us know if you decide to make one, I can't wait for my husband to receive his from our children. Happy Card Making!!