Saturday, 6 March 2010

Product Spotlight: Luxe Jotters

The next product to come under our spotlight is the Luxe Jotter. This product comes in a wide range of styles to suit many different projects.

Printed in black on a white cardstock background these die cut journaling spots are a great way to create a feature of your journaling. In addition you can use them to highlight part or all of a title.

There are designs which are ornate and suit heritage styles, designs with words and designs with geometric patterns, in fact there is a jotter for every occasion!

We have previously feature Luxe Rub on Frames as a product spotlight post and when we found Luxe in the New Exhibitors hall at CHA in 2007 we also loved the jotters. So often journaling gets left out, or added as an after thought to use up a little bit of space that is left. By working with a die cut journaling spot you are dedicating part of your page to the journaling and allocating space to it. The shapes and sizes vary allowing you to tell a short story, record a quote or just add the date and place.

These layouts show different ways in which I have used jotters - hopefully you will be inspired to have a play with them.

In this layout I used a bracket design jotter to add the "if you can" part of my title. By placing the words on the jotter rather than directly on the page it made more of a feature of the title and anchored it to the bottom corner of the photo.

For this layout I used the jotters not only for the journaling but also to frame the first part of the title. By adding some patterned paper to the middle of the jotter and covering the lines it became a frame that co-ordinated with the journaling spot and tied in the different elements.

Finally in this layout I wanted to record a short anecdote about our meeting with Snow White. By using a larger jotter there was space to tell the story; the oval shape echoes the shape of the balloon on the patterned paper, to add further cohesion I coloured the flowers to match the colours of the layouts and added little gems to the flower centres for additional sparkle!