Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Here's a First...........

Let's hope I can get this right, I have never blogged before in my life but Mel has gone into work today and won't be here until late tonight. As you may know, she is a primary school teacher and yesterday they had 'The Call', they have been expecting a visit from Ofsted for months now and tomorrow is the day so it is all hands on deck.
I haven't the slightest idea how to import pictures into a blog post, it took me months to get the hang of linking on UKS so today's post will have to be the boring 'just text' type. It is looking like a busy week with Fancy Pants arriving tomorrow and two shipments from the USA later in the week with an array of goodies packed inside.
We are also trying to get classes organised for our retreat in just over two weeks time - hadn't really dawned on me how close it was until I typed that. Hopefully Mel will be at home tomorrow to post on here, if not I will have to take a crash course in IT.