Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Showcasing Reader Layouts....

We love to have feedback from our blog readers and we received an email asking if we would be able to show some of the other entrie for the list challenge as well so you could see all the lovely ideas people came up with and we will be very pleased to share some of the entries with you so look out for that in a post in the next few days.

Tonight I wanted to share with you a layout that was sent in to us in response to Ann Freemans A-Z layout post which can be found HERE.

Ann's layout featured a patchwork of squares, a 6x4 photograph and a mixed font and colour alphabet with some letters highlighted with added words relating to the picture. The colour scheme in the Venice papers perfectly suited the photo and the fonts reflected the style of the layout and also hinted at the two girls' love of vampire novels!
This layout was sent in by Jackie Pocock and features her young daughter Hannah. We were wowed by her gorgeous use of colour and the beautifully done stitching. Again she has taken the idea of the mixed fonts but chosen ones that complement her subject - no vampire style thickers but the inclusion of more playful fonts and styles that resemble childrens' handwriting fonts.

I think you will agree that this layout and Ann's just illustrate how the same idea can yield two completely wonderful layouts that are utterly different. Variety really is the spice of life!!

If you have a layout you have done in response to a post here on the blog or maybe something that you saw in our Design Team Galleries we would love to see it. Just email

Look out for some of those list inspired layouts coming soon!