Wednesday, 17 February 2010

*~* An Interview With Dawn Evans *~*

Today we are interviewing Dawn Evans, I hope you enjoy the peek into her craft room and a look at her favourite layouts.

Hi, I’m Dawn, a forty –something (!!!!) wife to Robbie, mum to Phoebe and William, full time Reception class teacher and scrapbook addict. I discovered scrapbooking in 2003 and have been hooked ever since-the photos, memories, stories, papers, textures, friends, shopping-what a fabulous hobby this is! I am lucky to have been part of ATDML DT since 2006 and am thrilled to be returning to the team after a short break last year

When did you discover scrapbooking?
It was during the Summer holidays 2003. I caught the last few minutes of a craft show on a shopping channel and then spent the rest of the holidays trying to catch the repeat show-even setting my alarm to wake up at some early hour in the hope of finding the important item numbers to order a trimmer, a huge pack of plain cardstock and the biggest assortment of vellum you would ever see!!

What subjects do you scrap?
More often than not my family and friends.

If you had to choose one scrapbooking format 12x12 8.5x11, minibooks, atcs etc and only scrap in that format for a year, which would you choose and why?
Always 12” x12”-I love all that space

Describe your scrapping style in 5 words.
Busy,with lots of inking!!!!

Tell us about your favourite ever layout (please attach photo or scan to the email)
“Stay Beautiful”-Pink and blue –my favourite colour combo; lots of ribbons and flowers; a song lyric as a title; and photos of my best girl!

If you could take a class or do a workshop with one scrapping celeb or teacher who would it be and why?
Ooh so many... in the UK, Debbie Jewell and Tracie Hudson; In the US, Kelli Crowe and in Aus, Carole Janson

Show us your scrap area (don’t worry we can handle mess!)

These are photos of my craft space in the conservatory-I spend most evenings here in my little haven, whether I am scrapping, surfing or working on school planning and record keeping!!

What is your favourite manufacturer and all time favourite range from them. Why?
I have to say Basic Grey-right from the early ranges, I have been hooked. The plains are my “go to favourite”-in fact I always take the plain sheets out of the collection packs and store them in separate baggies-all the greens together, etc. I think I use some Basic Grey on almost every layout I make. If I had to choose just one range, then I would say “Urban Prairie”

What technique or style would you like to try or master but have not managed to yet?
White space!!! I try, I promise...but I just have to put something in that space.

Do you make cards as well as scrap? If so can you show us some?
No-I am the world’s most useless card maker-I take hours and hours and it ends up looking like a button on a pretty piece of paper!

How long do you spend on average per layout?
I can spend days and days on a layout, but usually about three or four hours for each one.

How often do you scrap?
In fits and spurts...I can scrap every day for a week and then not touch a glue stick for days.

What does your husband \ partner \ family think of your scrapbooking?
Rob loves that I have found something I love so much-and the fact that it keeps me busy whilst he is busy with his hobbies!!

Do you pre plan your layouts or just sit and shuffle paper til it looks right? Describe the process you go through when creating a layout
I find it really hard to follow a plan-I love to pull out lots of papers and just fiddle with shapes and layers. Often I can spend hours working on the background just to cover it all up with a photo or title. At the moment, I am enjoying working first with all the beautiful papers and then adding a photo and title at the end. I have also started to work on two or three layouts at the same time-making the backgrounds one day and returning to them the next day to finish them off.

What colour schemes are your current favourites – if you have a layout you have recently scrapped in this colour scheme let us see
Pink and blue (Stay beautiful - shown above in my favourite ever layout);

pink and green(flower girl);

I love pale icecream tones (A High Tea and Yum)

What colours do you rarely use and why?
Orange and purple

How do you organise your layouts into albums (e.g. chronological \ date you scrapped them \ random \ by subject)

I keep an album to outline each year and then all the other layouts fit into non-chronological albums for Phoebe, William, Family and Friends, Holidays

What is your favourite design tip, style or technique that you use on your layouts?
A little black edge-whether it is ink or card -always makes a page pop.