Saturday, 24 June 2017

June's Project Life - Washie Tape Filler Cards

Hello, hello lovely peeps.  How is this fine Saturday finding you?

Today, I have some washie tape filler cards to show you.

Like many of you, I suspect, I have way too much washie tape, more than I am ever going to use in a lifetime but I am still seduced by it and far too often think 'Oh that's cute' and before I know it more joins the rolls languishing in my drawer.

I am sure I have more in a 12 x 12 bag somewhere!

I had seen some project life filler cards using washie tape on Pinterest and so decided that it would be a good project for this month.  If you would like to have a quick look at some I found they are here.

I decided to use yellow and grey tape - not a great of fan of yellow on it's own but I think it takes on a whole new level of gorgeousness when teamed with grey.

I only played about and made six cards but so loved making them that I am now thinking about making whole 12 x 12 backgrounds with washie tape.

Hopefully, you will be inspired to get out your washie tape and use it for filler cards, the front of a greeting card or on a large section of a layout.

Happy scrapping x