Saturday, 16 April 2016

April Virtual Crop Class 2 with Ann

Happy Saturday crafty ones, here is the link to my virtual crop class today which features no less than three layouts all with slightly unusual photo sizes.

You can find the instructions here

Don't be hung up on the exact sizes of the photos described, moreover think of changing up your photo sizes to alter the look of your pages and bring variety to your albums. If you don't have a 5x5 photo, don't fret. Simple trim down a 6x4 photo to a 4x4 square and mount onto a piece of 5x5 card before using on your page. Of course you can stick with the overall layout design and your own choice of photo size, it's entirely up to you. The class is there to inspire not insist!

If you have photo editing packages or apps on your phone you can play about with making a collage to place several images onto a 6x4 sheet, then save this is a single file and print as you would a normal 6x4 photo. I used this on my karate layout below where 6 square photos were added to a 6x4 format and then, once printed, trimmed into individual squares.  

On my Me and Mine (tag) page I printed created a collage of 3 landscape photos onto a 4x6 format which you can then print off and trim into three separate smaller images to use on your page.

Have a play! For those of you with the kit enjoy the gold (especially those Thickers!) and have fun with the different photo sizes. Your next class is up at 2pm, enjoy!