Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Documenting December with the first 7 days....

Here are some of my pages, I have to say having a selphy (or any photo printer for that matter) has revolutionised my ability to keep up with this and helped me not become too overwhelmed by piles of photos and journaled bits and tying them all up to make an album, this way it is just a little bit every few days.  The first page is a 6 by 8" and I treated it a bit like a normal scrapbook page with a photo in one corner (the other side of it will have an introduction page to the album, but I haven't worked out what I want for that part yet.

So our Elf bunji'd in this year and I documented our Advent calendars

For the 2nd, Elfbob was munching biscuits and it was just a regular day for us, so I took everyday photos - I use the album more as a journal for what we do each day in December and who we do it with, as it's fun to look back on, and it's often those small moments you take for granted that you forget about, and are equally nice to be reminded of.

As I wanted some extra journalling I added a half sheet of white cardstock and just decorated it a little bit - I didn't want to cover the 'hello December' card.

Friday and a non-school uniform day as well as Santa visiting our street and the journalling speaks of a Christmas memory when Santa visited before!  I've been trying to use the same red and green washy-tapes on each of the pages to tie it all in.  I use lots of little embellishment clusters using the stickers from Claus and Co to tie it all in, as well as having a little dig in my pile of Christmas stash from past years.

A shopping day, more stickers...and then also a little pocket for some cinema tickets.  Again repeats of the washi tape.

Onto the 6th and another sparkly card that I couldn't cover up!  Lots of journalling and little clusters of embellishments.

So you get day 8 too as I didn't take very many pictures on the 7th....just Elfbob as again it was a routine day!  On the 8th Elfbob made these amazing snowflakes....if you want to have a go at them check out this link there are frozen ones, marvel ones....all sorts and you just print off the template and cut them out - great if you have kids (you will need to it as there is a little craft knife work involved to cut the middle bits)

This is how the rest of my album looks at the moment - just bits of Claus and Co papers (by Simple Stories), as well as some of last years DIY Christmas as they have lots of good base colours.

If you have started your album do come and share it on Facebook or link it here as we'd love to see them.