Saturday, 19 September 2015

September Virtual Crop Challenge

Hello and good morning crafty ones!
Welcome to another Saturday morning virtual crop challenge with your ATDML design team. If you have been following our virtual crop challenges for a while you will know we look for what the day of the crop throws up as an interesting fact and then find a link to inspire your next page. You can use whatever supplies you like for this, there is no kit or instructions, just read the prompt and see where it takes you!

Believe it or not September 19th is National "Talk like a Pirate day"..."Ai, it be true this" There really is such a day!
 and how could I not base today's challenge on this?
So dig out your map patterned paper, or go red black and white colour themed, nautical or any pirate link you can think of!!

Heartly enjoy th' challenge scrappers!

See you back here at 10am for your first class of the day with Katherine.