Tuesday, 1 September 2015

September photo prompts

My favourite month of the year September, it is always my new beginning, new school uniform for the kids, new stationery, new term, new school year, and more often than not a far nicer time to start new resolutions than January!

So why not make this the month of "new" for you and join in on our photography prompts below

1. Selfie on the first, maybe with a new scarf, new lipstick or new hairdo?
2. New to me - photograph something new to you, be this a view, new clothes/footwear, new scrapbooking stash!
3. Close up - take a close up photo and maybe play with the macro function on your camera where you have a crisp foreground and a blurred background
4. Signs of the Season - snap the dewy grass in the morning, a clear blue sky, sunset skies, conkers, blackberries etc
5. In my hands, might need the timer for this one if you're using both hands!

Look forward to seeing you photos shared on the Facebook page or on your scrapbook layouts!