Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Do You Only Scrap The Good Stuff?

Several times over the years I have seen discussions on forums and facebook about this topic - do you fill your albums with happy smiling pictures and leave out any o the not so great memories or do you approach it as an archiving process and record the lows as well as the highs?

I have always felt that "to each his own," this hobby of ours has no right or wrong answers so we all do what eels right to us.

Often I joke to my friends that I scrapbook pictures of my girls looking happy together like this one in the hope that eventually, when the mists of time have descended I will forget quite how much they can bicker and fight!

When I looked back through some holiday photos I saw these layouts of our day in Dubrovnik and I realised that they really didn't tell the whole story...

*Class by Ann Freeman from Scrapmates crop*

 So I got to work and scrapped this layout which rectifies that.

Obviously feeling hideously seasick is not a good memory but it also wasn't the end of the world and by adding the layout it balances the story of the day. I have to admit that it was a fun layout to make, I used up lots of older bits and bobs and much to the disgust of my Mum I took great delight in adding splats to a seasickness page!

All in all I think I will still keep my albums predominantly full of the happy, smiley, good stuff but there is definitely room for some of the less fondly remembered moments if it helps tell the story.