Saturday, 15 November 2014

More Prima Coffee Break Goodness!

Following on from ym post about the Prima Coffee Break class which inspired me to sit down and actually scrap while at the retreat (in my defence I wasn't slacking it was between midnight and 3a.m on Saturday night \ Sunday morning and no one needed me to do anything for them!) I wanted to share the other layout I made with this paper range.

I was inspired by the "Quiet Moments" wording on the background page as it seemed so appropriate for this photo of my daughter Isabelle and her two friends reading during her birthday sleepover. I had been rather suspicious as it was VERY quiet upstairs and I wondered what on earth they were up to. It turned out they were all reading their books together. (oh please let this continue - if this is as Rock n Roll as her parties get I am totally ok with that!)

I love that even though this range is coffee break themed there are plenty of other options - there is a sub theme of books and reading which I obviously used here, but also some bits that work for a general "relaxing" theme and some which are fairly generic.