Sunday, 5 October 2014

New Year New You - August and September

Well here I am again with another couple of pages from my mini album - cant believe that it is October and almost a year since I first thought of doing this project.

August saw one of those serendipitous moments!   I was driving to the Shrewsbury Show with Gracia and lamenting about my lack of eyebrows - due to taking Thyroxin on a daily basis and having an underactive Throid. I  said I had noticed the length had really reduced over the last couple of years and I felt I only had really short eyebrows.  I didn't want to go down the road of drawing them on and looking like Groucho Marks.  We hadn't been at the show for more than 10 minutes when I was approached by a lady offering to 'do my eyebrows' for me.  She had stencils and powder and once done they looked a normal length and colour - of course I would have paid any price for her little kit and although it was quite expensive it has changed how I look and I am now very happy with my new eyebrows.

As I mentioned previously I changed my job, starting my new one in September.  This has changed my weekly drive to and from work from 370 miles to 35.  Also as I work an 8 to 4 day I now get home two hours earlier that before.  This means that I can resume Zumba classes that I loved but was unable to muster the resolve to go to after a 10 hour day (once you include the driving).  I found a new class more local than the previous one, a new teacher and as one of my new work colleagues lives a couple of minutes walk from the class a new Zumba buddy.

Hope your August and September have been eventful ones - in a good way of course.