Saturday, 18 October 2014

It's Raining

In my heart ? On my parade ? No - Cats and Dogs
As soon as I saw that Graphic45 were bringing a range out with dogs on I was there with my laptop waiting for it to pop up on the website..
There's a range of stamps too..
My first layout is one with my son and our oldest dog having a cuddle on the sofa and our other sheltie laying on the bed after flying up the stairs at 100 miles an hour in the morning to come and say hello
Now not being one who has cats I don't get the opportunity to scrap pictures of them.
But on holiday recently there were some cactus gardens at the bottom of our villa and a certain little Siamese ( I think ) used to come and take shade under the cactus every morning. He was very cosy under there and although a bit wary of me he still stayed. 
So this was a perfect photo to use for a 'cat ' page !

These as always are gorgeous papers and I can't wait for their new range 'Time to Flourish' to come out which is like A Place in Time with calendar pages !