Saturday, 20 October 2012

Paper Pumpkins

I am always in awe when I see paper engineered products appearing on the internet, made from the products you and I use for layouts, cards and maybe the occasional mini book. With Halloween just round the corner I  almost burst with excitement when I saw these cute paper pumpkins made from simple strips of patterned paper, perfect to adorn your table at the spookiest time of year. I decided to follow the instructions and have a go at making some myself using the MLS Farmers Market papers.

They are so easy to make too. 
  • Start by cutting 10 strips of patterned paper 1" x 6". 
  • Punch a small hole at the top and bottom of each piece.
  • Then take two brads and wrap some string thread or wire around them so they are 4" apart.
  • Then thread the top of your pieces onto one of the brads and affix, then thread the bottom of each strip on the other brad and affix. You will be bending your paper strips to enable the brad to reach the second set of holes.
  • Then the slightly fiddly part where you fan each piece of paper round to make your pumpkin. You can fiddle and fix as you like manoeuvring the paper into the correct shape
  • Add a rolled strip of brown card for a stalk (adhered with a glue dot or heat gun), a couple of leaves and some curled paper swirls to complete. 
You can always run your strips through an embossing plate first for some embossed texture to your pumpkin and of course add a scary face too if you like! Vary the width and length of your strips to make your pumpkins different sizes. You will need more strips the longer and narrower you make them. Enjoy!