Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Page Without Photos !

I am taking a class called Just One Sketch.  For this class we had to design a sketch and then we were given 12 different ways of using the sketch.  To begin with I couldn't see how you could get 12 pages from one sketch without them all looking the same.  I was pleased to be proved very wrong and have in fact made 10 of the 12 pages and none of them look alike.

I digress, one of the prompts was to make a page without any photos!  Eeeek - how on earth can any page be made without photos.  I, for one, start with my photo and then build my colour scheme and layout around that.  To start without any photos was a completely alian concept to me and one that I thought I would struggle with. 

But no, I managed it and the page has become one of my favourite pages of all time!  During the week we had had some really good news about my daughter's studies and so I had written her a rather long letter telling her how proud we were of her.  Once I had put it into an envelope I thought that the envelope was the size and shape of a 6 x 4 photo and so copied the letter again, put it into another envelope and used this as the 'photo' on my layout.

 I made the layout in my normal way and then had the pleasure of the extra space on the envelope to embellish too.  So I now have a permenant record of some 'In The Moment' journaling and a very pretty layout to keep it in.

Have you ever considered a layout without any journaling, maybe some theatre/concert tickets that do not have a photo to go with them or just some journaling as the focal point because you never got the chance, or forgot to take that special photo or like me maybe you could scrap a letter that means a lot to you.  Give it a go, I can assure you that it is fun and the results will surprise you.

Papers used for this project:-