Thursday, 27 May 2010

It's All About The Patchwork!

I will admit that at the moment I have a little obsession. Patchwork! Not real sewn patchwork, just patchwork effect. I was reading on UKS about someone looking for Cath Kidston style papers to make a room accesory and the conversation turned to a patchwork bedding set from Tesco which is in the Cath Kidston style. I bought that bedding set for Isabelles room but I bought it 3 times! once to use as a devet set and twice so I had spare material in this beautiful patchwork design to make a canvas, some bunting and some cushion covers (well ok I am going to enlist help with that as I can't actually sew!)

How does this relate to paper craft? Well the canvas will be a fabric and paper combination of course but aside from this project I am also making lots of paper patchwork items. A while back I posted this photo of the card I made for my new neice,

and last weekend was one of Izzys school friends' birthdays so I made this... another patchwork card!

What I love is that they are so simple to make (cut squares and rectangles of paper out, ink the edges, join them together with no gaps to cover the space you are filling, add faux stitching and a few embellishments - dead easy and a great way to use up scraps :)

Of course you don't have to make the patchwork just be the background, I made a brighter card using BG Lime Rickey scraps where I cut out the numeral 5 and patchworked that, then mounted that onto a dark blue background, unfortunately I gave it to the recipient without photographing but it was a completely different effect and much more gender neutral than the card above.

Next on my to do list is a patchwork layout - It is under construction and I will post it when it is done.