Friday, 2 April 2010

Decorated Eggs

Another Egg Post!

I hope those of you celebrating Easter are enjoying the long weekend. Today, inspired by Debbies beautiful Tesco Easter Egg tree, I decided to make a decorated egg of my own. So here is what i made:

First blow the egg. Pierce the egg carefully using a skewer making a hole at both ends. Blow the contents of the egg out by blowing through one of the holes and collecting the egg in a bowl. (I used this for scrambled eggs for breakfast!)

Thoroughly wash out the egg by running hot water and a little washing up liquid through the holes. Leave it to dry.

To decorate the egg i used Cosmic Shimmer Mists. I chose three colours; Midnight Blue, Twilight Black and Silver. With the skewer through the egg hold it over some newspaper and spritz the egg. Initially the ink did not cover too well so I used my finger to rub the mist into the egg shell. I then waited for it to dry a little before adding a second coat.

When it was dry I then used a Versamark pen to add a swirl design to the surface of the egg and then used Zing metallic embossing powder to cover the design before heat embossing the design.

Next i added a lace trim around the middle, embellished that with kaiser rhinestones and finally covered the join on the lace with a punched circle of cardstock embossed with the same teal Zing finished with a matching rhinestone.