Thursday, 28 August 2014

Holidays in a Pocket - Part 1 - Getting Ready and Making a Start

Hello over the next 3 days I wanted to do some post about using pockets, I focus on holidays - but any event - or just life in general can get documented in pocket pages and I think it is a great way of keeping photos out of boxes - as even the ones that aren't perfect for a single page can always be slotted into a pocket.  They are also a great way of documenting and journalling all the details too.

  There are quite a few systems for your pocket pages - American Crafts, Simple Stories and WRMK being some of the bigger ones - and their pockets all fit into the 3 ring hole albums - I like the big D-ring albums and have all 3 of those pocket insert makes in mine.

So...154 photos printed off 6 by 4 - I also got some big 12 by 8s too, Simple Stories Summer papers, and embellishment packs and die cut cards and I'm ready to go.

  • I started by jotting in my notebook what happened each day (I did use the dates on the photos for this)
  • Then arranged the photos in chronological order, I started to tuck the photos (even if they don't fit as cropping is an option) into my pockets.  I also used the large 12" pages and put photos that I wanted for single pages (generally favourites) in there.
  • I bought Simple Stories papers that you can cut into cards, but they also do little booklets as well - so I cut these all out - when I bought the papers I made sure I got some portrait and landscape 6 by 4s as they are on separate papers.

  • Dig out your scraps - as they are great for the little cards, stickers and any embellishments.

(I only ordered about the 1st 5 days of the holiday as by then I wanted to scrap - I will sort out the rest when I run out of photos)

little sticker/embellishment clusters (and this is cropped portrait photo so it fits in a landscape pocket)

You can cut a photo to fit across 2 pockets

Paperclips and sequins just to add a little bit more to the cards

....and the Good Day Sunshine Papers are here and Pocket Pages are here