Friday, 26 July 2013

Scrapping The Everyday

Now, it's no secret that I hate housework.  In fact I loathe it with such a passion but I accept it is one of life's necessary evils.  When I do housework it takes me such a long time to do as I am so easily distracted by anything and everything.  I find a magazine that needs to be read, need to find something out on the internet and then my time disappears or just (un)intentionally start to work on a scrapbook page that is on the table that I am supposed to be clearing away!

It does get done eventually and I love how the house looks once it is clean and tidy.

As a reward for doing the job I hate so much I always buy myself a bunch of flowers, sometimes just a very small one and sometimes a beautiful bunch of lilies.  This time I chose chrysanthemums - do you think I might have purchased them with the colours of the Fancy Pants 6x6 papers from Ann's crop kit in mind?  ;0)