Thursday, 8 November 2012

What a Difference!

Hello, Karen here with a quick 'show and tell' of the class I taught last weekend at the retreat.  It was made from just two pieces of paper and a set of stickers plus various office supplies.  I also took a couple of typewriters into the class so that the ladies could type their journaling. 

The class focused on using normal stationery products such as post it notes, labels, staples and page reinforcers on your layouts.  My two pages also illustrated the big difference between how boy's like to play and how girl's like to play!

A gentle girl version


about the companionship of baking.


A frantic boy version

 about competitiveness of boys playing sport.

p.s.  If you like my class enough to want to make one yourself I believe that ATDML may have some spare kits.