Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Magic of Handwriting

In the past I have posted at length about why I believe that the majority of journaling in your albums should be handwritten. OK there are times when computer journaling may enhance the look of a page but at the heart of why I scrapbook is that I am recording and documenting our lives for our children and eventually their children. I am not under any illusion that all my scrapbooks will be saved but I hope that a managable number of layouts WILL be kept by my children as a record of their lives. When I am gone I imagine they may like the very tangible piece of me that is my handwriting.

However mine is not the only handwriting that is featured in the pages - I shared a page which I had got my Mum to journal on. In the same spirit I asked ISabelle to write something for the page I was working on of her and my Auntie. I let her choose what to write and she came up with the short and sweet journaling "I love Auntie very very much."


OK, it isn't an essay but I decided to get her to write it on a strip of paper for me to add to the page. I think when I look back on the page in 5 years time I will be please I captured her 7 year old handwriting in my scrapbook and will be doing the same with Olivia too!