Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Trends on Tuesday - Ombre

If you are like me then you will probably think 'ombre; what is ombre?'...it is a french term meaning shaded, graduation of colour.  Glitter Girl (Shimelle) has done a fantastic video about some different ways of creating this effect, she focuses a lot on misting (here is the link) and talks you through a whole page.  Watercolours are also a great and easy way as you can start with a dark colour and graduate it with the water.  For my page I decided to use the paper colours to create the graduated effect.

I went for papers from the same manufacturer (as they tend to use more similar colour tones in their papers and it was quicker for me to flick through) - they are all October Afternoon, but a mix of Farmhouse, 9 to 5 and also some Rocket Age.  I used strips of the paper starting from cream at the top to a dark blue at the bottom, and then layered over the top a parquet flooring die cut sheet too.  I also used the graduated shading for my banner going from light to dark.  I have often used colours in the rainbow order on pages, and the ombre effect works very similarly but just in a more muted fashion and draws your eye down and across the page. Here are a few links to give you other Ombre ideas: