Sunday, 26 February 2012

Long Time No Scrap!

Aside from my work for the February DT gallery I have got very little scrapping done in 2012 for many (not very exciting) reasons.

LAst night and this morning however I managed a good scrapping session and finished this layout which I started a good few months ago!

I love the photo taken last May on our trip to Windsor but there was no particular story that it told so I used it for a layout to record something Olivia, my youngest daughter, said all the time for a few months.

For a long time she would say "I love you so much and a little bit!" after a while and me saying "only a little bit?" she changed it to "I love you so much and a great big bit!"

She still says her amended version but I am glad I scrapped her first version as it is the sort of quirky little thing that captures her funny personality but that in years to come I might not remember.

We like to think that we will remember every little detail of our kids \ family \ significant other but recently I looked through some layouts from Isabelles early albums and realised that even though she is still only six and a half there are still lots of things that I had forgotten about!