Saturday, 18 February 2012

From Pixels to Paper

I like all types of scrapbooking. I like to make pages digitally, when sitting in front of the tv as I can create without having the mess to clear up. I like making hybrid pages when I use conventional supplies teamed up with digital supplies that I print out and of course I like conventional all paper scrapping.

Although, I like digital scrapbooking I am always left with the dilemma of what to do with the page. Sometimes I print them out but I like my pages to have texture and dimension so am usually unhappy with the result. Of late, I have been using the digital pages as a sketch to make a paper page and that is what I have done with this one. I really loved the layout and soft colours of the digital page (Echo Park digital elements) and so used similar papers (from an Echo Park Springtime pack) to recreate the page.

I find the taking a page from pixels to paper very satisfying and often take a digital page to a crop to change into a paper one. It is so quick to pull out the supplies you need because the page has already been planned and made once so it should be a doddle to make again in paper. Often the paper page is so much better than the digital one and for this one I was able to use the little birdies to further illustrate our conversation.

Do you redo pages again or are you a use a photo only once kind of scrapbooker?