Saturday, 22 January 2011

Double Take

Do you scrap the same photo more than once?
Many years ago I remember there were several "high profile" scrappers who seemed so scrap prolifically and share their work on UKS \ Two Peas etc... and who seemed to scrap the same photo many times. At the time I thought I would never find the inspiration to re-scrap a photo and also wondered why!

I was uploading a layout of mine to UKS and I realised I had already scrapped the photo before. Now the photo was of my two girls and so one layout will go in one of the girls' albums and the other will go into the other sisters album but I thought it would be fun to take a look at the layouts together along with other duplicates and layouts with very similar photos on...
The layout above was scrapped when I was away on a crafting weekend. A short time later I was asked to do a cyber crop class for UKS and the papers we wanted to use worked really well with the photo so I re-scrapped it to use for the class which is shown below (it was a technique class using machine stitching on your layouts - the mats are stitched and the stems of the vines are also stitched.)
The next three layouts all have similar photos but not exactly the same. All taken within seconds of each other at Livvys blessing. (As a side note these were also the phots that the very next day got me starting to lose weight and Darren followed suit a few months later so although I love the photos because it was a special day I also cringe at them too!)
I really like all the layouts even though the photos repeat. Obviously the kraft one also features Izzy so that is for her album and the BG Wisteria one is in Livvys album.
The final one is a sort of "Olivia greatest hits of the first year" layout and I close cropped the photo of just me and her - I am a soppy thing at heart and so the sentiment on that one is of significant meaning. When Olivia was tiny Isabelle went through a phase of watching Dumbo all the time and the line from the song Baby of Mine in that film "You are so precious to me, Cute as can be, baby of mine" reminds me of her as a little baby. That layout was a class on one of our retreats and the instructions are available HERE.
The two layouts below use a colour and a black and white version of the exact same photo. The blue one using Graphic 45 papers has journaling written to Izzy about the photo and when it was taken and is in her album. The second one is in Livvys.
So those are a few double takes from me... I would love to hear your thoughts on rescrapping photos, if and when you do it and why.
Also, while we are talking about Doubles don't forget our double page layout challenge for this month. Details are HERE.