Thursday, 6 January 2011

Double or Single?

In reading Anns cmment on the Happy New Year post about her double page month in review layouts I realised I can't remember the last double page layout I did.
I remember that when I was first starting I bought every paper in 3's because I would need two full sheets for the backgrounds on all my layouts (they would all be doubles so that everything matched properly!) and then a spare in case of a catastrophe!

To be fair, most of those triple paper purchases are still languishing in a box somewhere as I made a lot of crazy early purchases which will almost certainly end up in my kids craft boxes or in a school craft club!

But aside from my first ever attempt, and a double page class I did for a UKS Cyber Crop I can't think of any layouts which have been double pages.

Do you prefer single or double? It would be interesting to see what others prefer. I can see that for the month in review that Ann was describing a double would offer much more scope to fit in lots of pictures but for some reason I really never even contemplate it... perhaps it is the D Ring albums that make them less appealing to me as unless you hold the layouts up and together there would be a great big gap down the middle.

Maybe I will set myself a little challenge to have a go at a double page spread. If anyone else wants to join me in a mini challenge then go for it - a £10 atdml voucher to someone who leaves a link on this post to a double page layout they have done in 2011 BEFORE 7th Feb.

Giveaway draw winner to be announced tomorrow as it is both Mum (Jill) and Olivias birthday. In celebration of this i will post an old layout I did of them 3 years ago tomorrow sharing a birthday for the first time. December packaging challenge entries need to be with me by tomorrow night ( ) and the winner for that will be announced on Sunday.

Happy Birthday Mum and Olivia for tomorrow xx


  1. Happy Birthday Jill and Olivia.

    I have done a few double page layouts but it's not something I have done for quite a few years so will be up for this challenge. I have some great photos from Christmas and New Year which will be perfect for double layouts.

  2. Many Happy Returns, Jill x

  3. Happy birthday to the VIPs! Have a super lovely day from little ole me miles away xx

  4. I've done a year's worth of DLOs for my 2010 Project 12 album, though I got a bit behind towards the end of the year and actually completed December, November and October's (in that order) this month!
    I love DLOs for being able to showcase a lot of photos at once, but then I do have post-bound albums rather than D rings. Somewhere I have a couple of fold-out double page protectors so I could even do a 4 page spread ... perhaps they'd be a solution to your D-ring dilemma?

  5. I have been wanting to scrap these photos for ages and finally I have :-)

    (hope the links work)

  6. I know I'm a day late but wanted to share this double layout I made after being inspired by the challenge. Details on my blog.

    Will try not to be late next time, I blame the pregnancy hormones!!

    Looking forward to the next challenge.