Sunday, 9 February 2014

New Year New You - January

Well, the time has come to fess up, to show and tell what you have done in January!

I decided that I really must try to do something about my weight but more importantly about my lack of exercise so I purchased some wet weather gear (what a good job I did with the rain we have been having), some new wellies, a headband with internal speakers so I could plug in my iPod and started taking Kiera out for a walk before work most days. On the occasional days I take her to work with me I walk her at lunch time. I track my walks on my phone with an App called Endomondo and used a screen shot for my photo this month.

 Over a month I have managed to knock 30 seconds per mile off my time and I am hoping that I can get it down to under 14 minute miles. Not a very exciting entry this month but one worth noting.

 I added a little flower and button from my stash to this page.

So what have you all been up to?

 You don't have to have taken the class to join in and if you would like me to upload your photo for you please email it to